PIK 2 White Sand Beach (Ticket Prices, Opening Hours & Full Review)

In the last few years, outdoor tourist destinations have indeed become the prima donna, including for Jakarta residents in the midst of their busy lives. Therefore, the presence of PIK White Sand Beach is very interesting, especially for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings.

Looking for fresh air to unwind, you don’t have to go far outside the city because you can get it in the city. If you are interested in visiting PIK White Sand Beach, here’s more information!


PIK White Sand Beach Review

PIK White Sand Beach

Address : Jl. Sandiaga Uno No. 58, Meruyung, Limo District, Depok City, West Java
Folder : Click here
Opening hours : 15.00 – 21.00 WIB
Price of admission : Free

PIK White Sand Beach which is a new tourist spot in Jakarta is present as a result of reclamation from Jakarta Bay. It is about 4 km long and operates in a very short hour. However, there are many interesting tourist activities that can be done on this beach, including:

1. Take a walk on the beach

Beach Walks

If after returning from work makes you want to breathe fresh air free of pollution and unwind, the white sand beach at PIK is the right answer for a short vacation.

Here you can take a walk on the beach enjoying the beautiful calm sea. It’s just that because it was opened in a very short time, the White Sand Beach area is sometimes crowded with people visiting who also want to unwind in the short time they have.

But all of that won’t bother you especially if you’re the type of person who can see things from a certain point of view.

2. Sand toys

Sand toys

Although the sandy area on PIK Beach is not as wide as other beaches, which do highlight the beauty of the white sand of the beach, in this tourist spot you can still play with sand. Although the sandy area is quite narrow.

However, children can still be satisfied playing on the beach and sand toys. But remember, children must remain under the supervision or monitoring of their parents while at tourist attractions to minimize the occurrence of dangerous or unwanted things.

3. Take pictures

Taking pictures

The view of the beach with a background of mountains or towering cliffs may have become the main thing for those of you who often go on vacation to the beach. However, what about the view of the beach with the background of the hotel and office area?

Well, at PIK Beach you will get that kind of atmosphere. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to take pictures while visiting PIK White Sand Beach. The natural scenery is also more beautiful, especially at dusk. The sky with its orange charm will be very attractive in your lens shots.

4. Cycling in the afternoon

Cycling at PIK

If you like diving, snorkeling, or surfing, PIK is not the right answer for you. You won’t be able to do all those activities here. Not even for swimming or fishing is allowed.

Some sides of the beach at PIK also have no sand. Unlike other beaches which have a lot of sandy areas, on a certain side of PIK White Sand Beach there are only piles of stones that are used as barriers.

In addition to some of the tourist activities previously mentioned that are allowed here, other tourist activities that are also allowed are cycling. If your house is close to PIK White Sand Beach, you can really hang out with your loved ones or family to fill your spare time by cycling on this one outdoor tour.

There are also many bustling bicycle groups who come to PIK as a cycling destination in the afternoon. However, cycling in this white sand beach area is not allowed to enter randomly, but must bring a cycling permit first and be done during PIK operating hours.

In addition, another rule is a matter of age. The age of the cyclist must be above 12 years and when cycling must wear full attributes including a safety helmet.

5. Snack in the food court area

Food court

The food court area on this white sand beach is lined up quite a lot. Some sell snacks to heavy meals. So those of you who want to find food don’t have to worry about being hungry while here.

Indonesian food ranging from pecel rice, rawon, typical taichan satay, soto, Bandung specialty meatballs, Maluku specialties are all there. Heavy meals are priced starting from IDR 15,000.00 only.

There are also several food courts that sell foreign foods such as jjangmyeon, burgers, maryam buns, kebabs and so on. The price also varies from Rp. 10.000,00 for snacks or snacks.

If you are thirsty, you can also buy fresh drinks to ice cream with prices starting from Rp. 7,000.00.

If you want to find gifts for your family at home in the form of accessories, there are also many sellers ranging from dolls to key chains that read Pantai Indah Kapuk or I Love Jakarta.

In addition to the PIK area, there are other tourist attractions besides malls in Jakarta that can be an alternative for your tourist visit. Read : 10 Tourist Attractions in North Jakarta Apart from Malls

6. Tourist facilities and travel tips at PIK

Tourist facilities and travel tips at PIK

Some of the tourist facilities available for visitors include:

      • Spacious parking space
      • Mushola place of worship
      • Public toilet
      • food court
      • Live music concerts and so on

Also make sure that when walking or relaxing at PIK Beach, you don’t want to litter. It is written that the rules are not to litter and there are lots of trash cans provided by the officers. So that the cleanliness of tourist attractions must be maintained together so that its beauty does not change at any time.

For those of you who are interested in relaxing after busy working at PIK, you only need to steer to Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 or PIK 2 then take the bridge to golf island and through the second bridge to reach PIK 2 which is right after the second bridge.

In addition to this one outdoor tourist spot, Jakarta still has many other interesting tourist attractions. Anything?

Other tourist attractions in Jakarta

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Now holidays anytime to unwind for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings are much more fun with the presence of PIK White Sand Beach. So don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoor atmosphere typical of Jakarta at PIK. Have a good holiday!

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