PIK 2 White Sand Beach (Ticket Prices, Opening Hours & Full Review)

In the last few years, outdoor tourist destinations have indeed become the prima donna, including for Jakarta residents in the midst of their busy lives. Therefore, the presence of PIK White Sand Beach is very interesting, especially for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings. Looking for fresh air to unwind, you don’t have to go […]

Malls in Jakarta – 15 of the Best and Must Visit

Many people complain about the condition of the city of Jakarta, but at the worst it is in Jakarta, there is still one thing to be grateful for. This is a mall in Jakarta or a shopping center. Even some people from abroad write reviews that they rarely see shopping centers that grow so fast […]

Bali itinerary is suitable for those of you who vacation for 4 days 3 nights

For those of you who want to go to Bali, or have even bought tickets to Bali but still don’t know where to go, it’s really right to go to this page. Because on this Bali itinerary I will share recommendations to places that I think are really cool to visit. If you have a […]

Jakarta Tourist Attractions – 10 Interesting Recommendations You Must Visit

What comes to mind when you hear the word Jakarta? A city that is not friendly, crowded, “messy”, too busy, congested, flooded, crowded, even uncomfortable. Most of you will probably think so. Therefore, it becomes a natural thing if Jakartans need a vacation out of town, for example on vacation to Bandung or Bogor other […]