Malls in Jakarta – 15 of the Best and Must Visit

Many people complain about the condition of the city of Jakarta, but at the worst it is in Jakarta, there is still one thing to be grateful for. This is a mall in Jakarta or a shopping center. Even some people from abroad write reviews that they rarely see shopping centers that grow so fast in one city. What a great mall in the city of Jakarta. Well, of the many malls in Jakarta, there are 10 of the best malls that you should visit to satisfy your shopping appetite. These malls are:


1. Pondok Indah Mall

The Pondok Indah Street Gallery, south Jakarta

Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) is one of the malls in Jakarta that is most frequently visited by residents of Jakarta. This is because Pondok Indah Mall has a strategic location, which is in the elite residential area of ​​Pondok Indah. The interior design of Pondok Indah Mall is also very luxurious and well designed, with a comfortable basement for parking tall cars. Pondok Indah Mall consists of 2 and a half parts. It is called 2 and a half because there are PIM 1, PIM 2, and the rest are gallery streets that sell a variety of foods. What’s interesting about Pondok Indah Mall is, here there are four Starbucks outlets located in various areas within the mall. If you are a Starbucks lover and are looking for a mall that is not too fancy and expensive, you can try visiting Pondok Indah Mall. In this PIM there are also two theaters for those of you who want to spend the weekend watching movies.

2. Plaza Senayan

Plaza Senayan (ajnn)
Plaza Senayan (ajnn)

Plaza Senayan is a Jakarta mall which has a strategic location in Senayan, to be precise at the southern end of the Jakarta Central Business District (CBD) close to Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Gatot Subroto. The mall, which is known as an upscale mall, has a unique and classy architectural design. In 2014 Plaza Senayan was awarded the “Best Mall in Premium Mall Category”. As a mall that is famous for the high society, Plaza Senayan has various branded fashion outlets such as Dior, Gucci, Charles & Keith, Celine, Guess, Louis Vuitton, and many others. Apart from fashion outlets, there are also counters that sell electronic equipment, sports equipment, jewelry, watches and of course various restaurants aimed at Jakarta’s culinary lovers. You who are true fashionistas must visit this mall.

3. Grand Indonesia

Grand Indonesia
Grand Indonesia

Grand Indonesia is the largest mall in Indonesia, and is included in the list of one of the largest malls in Asia. Grand Indonesia is divided into two parts, namely the east mall and the west mall. It looks from the outside if the mall is not that big, but when you enter it, you can easily get lost because of the wide inside of the mall. Grand Indonesia is a mall created for Jakarta’s expats and elites. Here, you can meet the elite who shop with their Ferrari or Lamborghini. Grand Indonesia is strategically located, right in the heart of Central Jakarta, across from Bunderan HI and next to Plaza Indonesia. The outlets in Grand Indonesia range from well-known British brands to traditional Indonesian brands for the elite.

4. Pacific Place

Pacific Place
Pacific Place

Pacific Place is a mall located in the Sudirman Central Business District or commonly referred to as SCBD. This mall is one of the favorite malls because it is located close to the business center and the navigation route to this mall is relatively easy. The Pacific Place building is divided into three different parts, namely the Pacific Place Mall, One Pacific Place office center, and the tower of The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Hotel. Entering this mall is guaranteed that you will not get lost because almost all of the outlets are in the large main atrium. Pacific Place also has a special indoor garden for children (Kidzania) which you can only find here. In addition, there is Galeries LaFayette which is the only one in Asia.

5. Gandaria City

Gandaria City
Gandaria City

Gandaria City is one of the relatively new malls in Jakarta, which is suitable for you film lovers, because here there is a large IMAX 3D cinema. The mall with seven floors is located in the area on Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda. The seven floors in this mall consist of three basement parking floors, five shopping mall floors, and one floor for Skenoo Hall. Some of the outlets in this mall include Electronic Solution, Gramedia, Metro Department Store, Lotte Mart, Cinema XXI, Amazing World, Watch Studio, Informa, ACE Hardware, Lollipop, Eat and Eat Food Market, Celebrity Fitness and others.

6. Kota Kasablanka

Kota Kasablanka
Kota Kasablanka

Similar to Gandaria City, this mall is relatively new with almost the same styling. This is probably because these two malls were created by the same manager. Kota Kasablanka itself is located on Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88, Menteng Atas, Setiabudi, South Jakarta. Kota Kasablanka has three basement floors for parking, and 5 floors as a shopping center consisting of Sogo outlets, Toys Kingdom, ACE Hardware, informa, and others. Also here are Celebrity Fitness and Kasablanka XXI.

7. Kuningan City Mall

Kuningan City Mall
Kuningan City Mall

Kuningan City Mall is located in Kuningan City, precisely on Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18, Setiabudi, Kuningan, South Jakarta. This mall architectural design is designed very stylish. What’s interesting about this mall is, there is a super wide sidewalk for pedestrians that is guarded, so it can’t be used by motorcyclists. Even though it is included in the clean and stylish mall category, unfortunately here the available shopping outlets are still limited.

8. Kemang Village / Lippo Mall Kemang

Mall in Jakarta - Kemang VillageLippo Mall Kemang
Kemang VillageLippo Mall Kemang

Kemang Village / Lippo Mall Kemang is also included in the ranks of new malls in Jakarta besides Ciputra World. As you know, Kemang is one of the slang places in Jakarta. In this area there are many cafes, bars and nightclubs. The impression you will get when you are around this mall is like the atmosphere in Singapore with British-style booths that make you feel like you are not in Indonesia. Several outlets are located in this mall such as Swarovski, Mothercare, Debenhams, Victoria Secret, Marks & Spencer, TM Lewin, New Look, and many others. If you want to culinary in Jakarta, after shopping at the mall, you can go to the following places: Cheap Restaurants in Jakarta and Most Popular Must-Visit Places

9. Puri Indah Mall

Mall in Jakarta - Mall Puri Indah
Puri Indah Mall

As the name implies, this mall is located in the Puri Indah area. This mall is designed in such a way as to be suitable as a family-friendly shopping center. Puri Indah Mall consists of four floors, namely the basement, ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor. Although not as big as other malls in Jakarta, Puri Indah Mall can be a comfortable place to visit with family and friends. You can find various kinds of tenants here, ranging from those providing fashion, books, household appliances to culinary needs. Now, for this culinary problem, there is a unique restaurant that is popular with many visitors, its name is Hans & Belle. This dining place is designed with a unique and beautiful circus concept.

10. Mall Kelapa Gading

Mall in Jakarta - Mall Kelapa Gading
Kelapa Gading Mall

With an area of ​​approximately 150,000 square meters, Mall Kelapa Gading is one of the largest malls in the Jakarta area. This mall is in a strategic location because it is close to various other entertainment centers such as La Piaza Lifestyle Center and Gading Food City. Interestingly, Kelapa Gading Mall is divided into several “special” zones including The New Catwalk which contains rows of batik boutiques typical of the archipelago, Fashion Hub which is a zone for teenagers and young people, as well as Kids Safari which is aimed at teenagers and children. Not only that, this mall also has the largest food court in Indonesia, named Food Temptation. This Foodcourt has an area of ​​about 6,000 square meters and contains 2,300 seats for visitors.

11. Senayan City

Mall in Jakarta - Senayan City
Senayan City

Senayan City is located in the Senayan area, precisely opposite Plaza Senayan. This place is one stop shopping that provides hundreds of tenants to meet the needs of its visitors. The mall, which stands on the land of the Gelora Bung Karno authority, was officially opened to the public on June 23, 2006. This shopping place is located in one complex with office buildings, apartments and hotels. Here, you can satisfy your cravings for shopping and entertainment. You can find various tenants here, from fashion, books to culinary tours. For fashion, Senayan City has many tenants who provide branded clothes from home and abroad.

12. Central Park

Mall in Jakarta - Central Park
Central Park

Located in the Tanjung Duren area, Central Park is one of the largest malls in Jakarta. This shopping center is in a complex with office buildings, hotels and apartments. This mall is located between Taman Anggrek Mall and Mall Ciputra. One of the highlights of this mall is the Tribeca park. This outdoor park is a favorite hangout for young people. Besides being used as a place for dog walks, Tribeca also provides various food and drink tenants that you can stop by while enjoying the atmosphere around you.

13. Orchid Garden Mall

Mall in Jakarta - Taman Anggrek Mall
Taman Anggrek Mall

Taman Anggrek Mall is right next to Central Park mall. This mall is commonly referred to as TA or MTA by its visitors. When it was officially opened in 1996, Taman Anggrek Mall was said to be the largest mall in Southeast Asia. This mall also has the largest LED screen facade in the world. Like shopping centers in the world, here you can find various kinds of needs through hundreds of the biggest tenants in the mall. For entertainment, this mall has an ice skating rink which is located on the 3rd floor and you must try it. For those of you who are already tired of walking around the mall, want to go to other places but still in the West Jakarta area, you can also go to these places: 11 Tourist Attractions in West Jakarta Apart from the Mall for sightseeing

14. Ratu Plaza

Mall in Jakarta - Ratu Plaza
Ratu Plaza

Visiting Ratu Plaza is highly recommended for those of you who like technology or gadgets. Ratu Plaza is located in South Jakarta, this mall is well-known among expats who aim to find gadgets with technology according to their needs.

15. FX Sudirman

Mall in Jakarta - FX Sudirman
FX Sudirman

FX Sudriman is also known as FX Mall which is located in Sudirman, South Jakarta. FX Sudirman has eight floors consisting of fashion, beauty, entertainment and business facilities outlets. Inside this mall there are also apartments, a fitness center, a swimming pool and a tennis court. FX Mall is not as big as other malls in Jakarta but very comfortable to hang out after home from work or school.

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