Jakarta Tourist Attractions – 10 Interesting Recommendations You Must Visit

What comes to mind when you hear the word Jakarta? A city that is not friendly, crowded, “messy”, too busy, congested, flooded, crowded, even uncomfortable. Most of you will probably think so. Therefore, it becomes a natural thing if Jakartans need a vacation out of town, for example on vacation to Bandung or Bogor other than Jakarta tourist attractions, especially to rest themselves from prolonged stress.

Your assumption is clearly not completely right or wrong. The reason is, having a lot of modern city infrastructure, Jakarta seems to have a variety of tourist attractions that are no less interesting. Of course, “traveling” to Jakarta does not always have to do with the mushrooming of malls in Jakarta. After all, the fact is, there are many tourist attractions in Jakarta besides malls, such as Jakarta’s natural beaches, historical tourist attractions, culinary attractions, education, and hangout spots.

Want to know what are the recommended tourist attractions in Jakarta that must be visited? Here is a list of recommended tourist attractions in Jakarta that you must visit!

1. National Monument (Monas)

Monas Jakarta

Who is the citizen of Jakarta who doesn’t know Monas?

Initially, this 132 meter high monument was indeed erected to commemorate the struggle of the Indonesian people. Well, the icon of the city of Jakarta – even Indonesia – this one is indeed popular for its pure gold layer on its “flames”. Oh yes, reportedly, Monas is the building with the highest peak in Jakarta, you know! In fact, it is said that there should be no buildings that exceed the height of Monas …

Monas itself is open to the public: open every eight in the morning to three in the afternoon, except on Monday the end of the month. Want a historical tour? You can visit the base of Monas, namely the Indonesian National History Museum – to find out the ins and outs of Indonesia’s struggle. However, if you want to enjoy the panoramic view of Jakarta from a height, it is advisable to try to climb to the top of Monas at an altitude of 115 meters by using an elevator.

2. Various Museums

Fatahillah Museum

With the status of the city center and government, it is not surprising that Jakarta is “rich” in historical buildings. Well, once upon a time, you can learn about the history of Jakarta by visiting various kinds of museums in Jakarta.

For example, the National Museum. There, you can find more than 100 thousand objects in collections that include archaeological remains, ceramics, prehistoric times, and many more. Moving away from the National Museum, don’t hesitate to enter the Fatahillah Museum which is located in the Old City area of ​​Jakarta. After all, this tourist spot in Jakarta is the best place to explore many things related to the history of Jakarta.

Don’t forget about the existence of various other museums, such as the Bank Indonesia Museum, Wayang Museum, Textile Museum, Taman Prasasti Museum, and many more.

3. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)


Indonesia is indeed a multicultural country. In it, there are various cultural properties, arts, customs, as well as religions and beliefs. So, to increase your multicultural spirit, let’s immediately come to visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) area.

There is no need to come all the way to Padang or Papua. After all, you can see all the cultural “miniatures” at TMII. Not surprisingly, this tourist spot in Jakarta is very suitable to be enjoyed with family and closest people.

Apart from cultural tourism, TMII has a variety of interesting rides that you can enjoy right away. These rides include a Snow Bay swimming pool, Among Puro Park, a cable car, and various educational museums that are suitable for your child’s education.

4. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo

Invite your little ones to get to know and love the sustainability of protected animals from an early age. As a first step, take them to Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta. With an area of ​​147 hectares, this tourist spot in Jakarta has more than two thousand animals and 50 thousand trees.

The entrance ticket itself is relatively cheap and affordable. With only Rp. 5 thousand rupiah, you can take your little one around the garden, see animals, and ride various rides such as a traveling train, double bike, and so on.

Founded in 1864, Ragunan Zoo itself is quite old. Now, as information – it is advisable not to give food to the animals in it, yes. After all, this is all for the safety of the animals in it.

5. The Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands

Located in the north of Jakarta, there are many tourist attractions that you can visit when you stop by the Thousand Islands. With the name “a thousand”, it is certain that there are also many island clusters. Now, for information, several areas of the Thousand Islands are popular, namely: Bidadari Island, Tidung Island, Pari Island, Harapan Island, and many more.

With your family and closest people, there are various activities that you can do in the Thousand Islands. This includes diving, snorkeling, camping, banana boating, or simply taking a stroll to enjoy the sunset. Interestingly, you don’t have to bother. The reason is, several areas in the Thousand Islands already have various facilities and accommodations that make it easier for visitors.

6. The Old City of Jakarta

Old City of Jakarta

Not surprisingly, the atmosphere of the Old City of Jakarta is always busy on weekends. The reason is because of the availability of various beautiful spots that are even able to “support” your selfie activities. Imagine, rows of shops, buildings, and old houses dot the entire area of ​​Kota Tua Jakarta. Not to mention, the existence of various attractions and activities, such as art exhibitions, nobar (watching together), unique street singers, etc.

Apart from presenting beauty in every corner, Kota Tua Jakarta is one of the most popular historical tourist destinations, especially in Jakarta. Through the existence of various museums nearby, you can witness as well as learn a lot of historical knowledge in the past.

In addition, in this tourist spot in Jakarta, there are also many old school shops, restaurants, and cafes that sell various culinary specialties that are no less delicious. For example, you can taste the typical dishes firsthand by stopping by at Cafe Batavia and Cafe Gazebo – or buy them directly at the peddlers of various snacks, such as egg crust, gado-gado, and ice slices.

7. Glodok Chinatown

Glodok Chinatown

Not far from Kota Tua Jakarta, you will be invited to tour china town – or Jakarta’s Chinatown. In simple terms, this is where people of Chinese descent live and have children and grandchildren. For your information, Glodok Chinatown is the largest Chinatown area in Indonesia. In fact, its existence has been said to be one of the “drivers” of the Jakarta economy until now, you know!

Because some of the buildings are still being preserved today, don’t be surprised if walking along the Glodok Chinatown area seems to “bring” you back to the past. There, you can visit various temples, monastery buildings, buy medicines at old shops, to taste the culinary specialties. However, it is advisable to remain careful. The reason is, some types of food there are classified as non-halal.

8. Setu Babakan

Setu Babakan

If some of the tourist attractions above fall into the category of colonial history, now is the time to learn about the culture of the indigenous people of Jakarta by visiting Kampung Betawi in Setu Babakan. The location itself has been designated as a cultural heritage area of ​​Jakarta, you know.

There, there are not only a variety of original buildings from Betawi cultural heritage. More than that, you will also be invited to get to know and witness authentic Betawi culture, from farming, trading, to making handicrafts and special foods. There is also a large lake in this area which is a recreational facility. Not bad, right, sitting back while enjoying the beauty of the lake …

9. Angke Nature Park, Kapuk

Angke Nature Park

Enjoy the comfort of taking an evening walk while surrounded by mangrove trees in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, North Jakarta. Well, at least there are a variety of other activities you can do at one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Jakarta, such as taking a boat, or actually contributing to environmental preservation by planting mangroves.

10. Taman Suropati

Suropati Park

The area is not as big as the above nine tourist attractions in Jakarta. However, you can come to Taman Suropati, Menteng – just to exercise or to unwind. The cool air and beautiful atmosphere of the various shady trees are guaranteed to calm and refresh your mind. Not to mention, the various activities that are usually held, such as music performances, violin practice, painting lessons, to meetings of several Jakarta communities.

Those are the recommendations for tourist attractions in Jakarta besides the AnekaTempatWisata.com version of the mall. Which tourist attractions in Jakarta would you like to visit? Let’s share!

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