Pantjoran Chinatown PIK (Opening Hours & Admission Prices)

Pantjoran Chinatown PIK or also often known as Pantjoran PIK is a typical Chinese culinary center that you can find at PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk). You can find a variety of snacks to filling food menus here.

Even among the culinary vendors who sell their food here, there are those that have been operating since 1925, you know! Culinary from generation to generation is also a mainstay of the menu they sell to visitors. Here, you will feel like you are flying to China even though you are still in Jakarta. Interested in coming to visit here?

PIK . Pantjoran Chinatown Culinary Center

Pantjoran Chinatown PIK (manualjakarta)

Address : Kamal Muara, North Jkt City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
Folder : Click here
Opening hours : 07.00 – 23.00 WIB
Price of admission : Free

The culinary center of Pantjoran Chinatown PIK is a Chinatown area that is very thick with a food court selling a variety of Chinese specialties. This Chinatown area was built on an area of ​​5,300 square meters under the auspices of the Agung Sedayu Group and the Salim Group.

In addition to the culinary that must be tasted, there are also many cool photo spots here, such as:

1. Gate

PIK Pantjoran Gate (kaumrebahanid)

When you first set foot in Pantjoran Chinatown PIK, you will find an iconic gate that depicts a distinctive Chinese impression and feel. This gate is synonymous with the perfect combination of red, white and gold.

Usually this gate is often used as a photo background for visitors who visit Pantjoran Chinatown PIK because it gives off a very sticky Chinese vibe.

2. Diorama

Pantjoran Chinatown PIK (compass)

There are 8 dioramas created by the artist Gladys Teo Simpson in the Pantjoran Chinatown area. The dioramas scattered here all represent interesting stories related to the culture and history of Pantjoran.

That way, visitors can take culinary tours and take pictures in various spots, they can also learn history and take cultural tours at the same time.

3. Wall with mural painting

Pantjoran Chinatown PIK mural (compass)

The walls that stretch out solidly in the Chinatown area of ​​PIK are not left empty. Instead, the walls were used as a place for mural painting.

Mural paintings depicting kung fu competitions, lion dance performances, sword smithing, Chinese community activities, merchants, shop owners with carts, small children with their activities, tea shops, gates, all of which you can find are depicted on the walls in Pantjoran Chinatown.

Besides being able to be enjoyed as an attractive visual object, you can also make it a photo background.

4. There are 80 food tenants

Punggol nasi lemak (coil)

In the Pantjoran PIK area, there are three groups of tenants with a total of 80 tenants who sell a variety of foods. There is a main tenant filled with well-known big restaurants, small tenants and carts in the back.

If you eat in the small tenant area and carts, the food you buy can be brought to several seats around the tenant area that has been provided. Regarding the food sold, many tenants in Pantjoran Chinatown PIK do sell non-halal food, including food made from pork.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find halal tenants here. There are several tenants who sell halal food and it is certainly safe for you who are Muslim to eat in the Chinatown PIK area, such as the ponggol nasi lemak tenant, and kwetiau.

Other tenants who are also very popular in Chinatown PIK are May Star, Holywings 24, Pin Grocery and Wong Fu Kie. As for the drinks, you can find many choices of drinks and desserts that are sold in each tenant.

Iced coffee tak kie (compass)

You can also buy the legendary iced coffee milk, ice cream, iced coffee tak kie. You can order fresh shaved ice with a variety of choices of syrup and toppings. The price is also very varied, for drinks, prices start from 10 thousand rupiah, while for food, prices start from Rp. 25,000.00 to over Rp. 60,000.00.

5. Know how to order food

Pantjoran Chinatown PIK (republika)

As previously mentioned, the majority of the food offered at Pantjoran Chinatown PIK is non-halal food such as pork satay and Chinese food with other pork preparations.

Therefore, for those of you who are looking for halal cuisine when looking for food, it’s good to pay attention to the ‘no pork no lard’ sign on the tenant you will choose. As long as the tenant has the writing, it means you can order halal food at the tenant.

6. Snack and souvenir shops

Pantjoran Chinatown PIK (indonesia.tripcanvas)

Within the vast Pantjoran Chinatown area, several gift shops lined up. You can buy a variety of snacks, up to typical Chinese knick-knacks there at varying prices. Some are priced cheaply around 20 thousand rupiah to expensive even 500 thousand rupiah. All you have to do is find the one that fits your budget.

In addition to selling a variety of souvenirs, hawker shops and souvenirs in Pantjoran Chinatown has a building that gives a very distinctive Chinese feel. Therefore, after or before shopping, don’t forget to take the time to capture the moment by taking photos, especially outside the shop building.

7. Get around Pantjoran Chinatown by bus

PIK tour bus (yahoonews)

The Chinatown area of ​​PIK, as we know it, covers a hectare-hectare area. Therefore, to accommodate the needs of tourists around the tourist area without getting tired, there are buses that can take visitors.

The fare to take this bus per person is IDR 20,000.00 only. Meanwhile, if you come to this tourist spot on Sundays or coincide with Chinese holidays, there are various kinds of entertainment, ranging from guzheng music performances, thousand-hand dances, lion dance performances to tai chi.

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What other tours are there in Jakarta?

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For those of you who live in Jakarta and its surroundings, and are looking for interesting tourist attractions that are suitable to visit anytime, you can visit Pantjoran Chinatown PIK. Because it is open almost 24 hours and has many interesting photo spots as well as an ideal food court area, visiting Pantjoran Chinatown PIK is highly recommended.

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